Preform Direct Preform Direct
shaped components manufactured from formed plywood
The technology to manufacture shaped and curved plywood in long lengths has been developed over more than forty years. Several million metres of material have now been supplied, operating in a multitude of building environments across the world.

For the first time this unique substrate is being made available to manufacturing companies in the UK. Wide ranges of standard tools are available for generic shapes and tools can be produced to meet individual requirements.

Simply the highest quality plywood products available at prices lower than most similar components produced from lesser quality substrates.

Investment in preforming technology and high capacity production, allows a more cost effective product to be delivered to market. But it is not only sheer volume that facilitates such cost savings. Processes have been developed which enable laminates and veneers to be applied during the forming of the shaped plywood substrate.

The result is a pre-finished and pre-balanced component, eliminating the need for secondary processes and labour associated with finishing.

column casing
Formed in one section there are no joints to worry about. Thinner lighter sections are used to achieve the generous curves necessary for laminating or veneering when compared with the thicker substrates needed for postformed sections.
Manufactured under heat and pressure the preformed plywood substrate has unrivalled balance and consistency thanks to its superior reduced moisture content.

The substrate begins its life as a shape that has no inherent memory or stress in its construction. When compared with conventional methods of achieving curves produced from flat substrate, the Preform products simply do not have the desire to return to a former shape. This reduces twisting and movement that can often cause latent defects to occur.

Once a shape is tooled, its design offers you a modular solution time after time. Unlike many other shaped substrates produced from manmade materials, Preformed plywood can easily be adapted and worked.

Preform Direct will help you to release valuable capacity and factory space currently used to produce items that are both labour intensive and frequently peripheral to your core manufacturing activities.
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